Daniel Jude Gennis

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Film & Television

After my formal actor training and university studies in 2002, I worked part-time on a voluntary basis as a Production Assistant at a fully functioning film and television studio in North London (UK).  During this time I got my first taste of screen acting by assisting with the script development of a major film project that had been ten years in development at that time.  As part of a collective who were also involved in the film school learning screen acting, scenes from the script were performed and filmed as part of a workshop experience.  A trailer for the film was eventually filmed the following year during which time, I assisted with such tasks as set construction, my regular role as Production Assistant in addition to being a supporting actor in the trailer.  During this time also, I started developing my acting career further by working and gaining valuable experience on film and television productions as a Supporting Artiste (Extra if you like,) and an Actor.  To date I have worked on more than twenty-five film productions and more than fifty television productions.

My film work has been numerous and included appearances in 'Sahara' with Penelope Cruz, 'Layer Cake', 'Green Street', 'Dead Fish', 'Ripley Underground', independent productions such as 'No Ordinary Joe', Ganglands and a breakthrough role in The Human Centipede 2: Full Sequence.

My television work has included the BBC TV Movie 'Derailed' (not to be confused with the Clive Owen/Jennifer Aniston vehicle of the same name, which oddly enough I worked on), 'The Bill', 'Holby City', The Catherine Tate Show', 'The Lenny Henry Show and 'Kelsey Grammer Presents: The Sketch Show' just to name a few.

Stage & Theatre

My theatre work has included playing three roles in Zambesi Spirit based on a proposed novel at the time (in 2005) called Zambesi Wind Spirit.  I really loved this work and was hoping more would have come of it, as there was a possibility of a film project.  My theatre work has increased in recent times.  During 2009 I was in the Hip-Hop Musical 'OAPz' with Jean Boht at the Etcetera Theatre, London.  2010 has seen me in third and forth productions of the Play 'A Certain Libary in Bath' once again reprising my original 2008 dual roles of Nick and Ken in the Autumn production of 2010.  For the Winter Season, I reprised the role of Ken only.  Nick was played by the Director himself. Winter Season of the Play was the first production for the newly formed Pelas Theatre Company under the leadership and artistic direction of Mr. Nick Pelas.

2011 has see me thus far appear in the a new play called 'Dial L For Latch-key' which was produced by The Pelas Theatre Company and directed by Mr. Pelas.  This production was performed in February at a the Etcetera Theatre in London.  Another production of 'A Certain Library in Bath' followed in March with 'Dial L for Latch-key' as a double-bill, both of which were performed at The New End Theatre in London on the 20th and 21st March respectively. In these productions I once again reprised the dual roles of Nick (the murder victim,) and Ken and my dual roles of 'Bob' and 'The Man with the Nylon Stocking' in Dial L for Latch-key.

The Year (2011,) has also seen me appear in the Pelas Theatre Company's production of Anton Chekhov's 'The Bear' at the Baron's Court Theatre, London in September.  At the time of writing I am currently in rehearsals for 'All About Poe' new original writing that is written and directed my Mr. Nick Pelas.  'All About Poe' will have a run at Baron's Court Theatre in November, before transferring to the West End in February 2012.

2012 has also seen me take on Shakespeare in the form of the role of Sebastion in The Pelas Theatre Company's production of 'Twelfth Night'.


This is an area I really love working in - A welcome respite and something completely different.  As an Actor, I am very interested in projecting as many different looks as I can.  I have worked with some very promising professional and up and coming professional photographers.  It is very much an interest of mine and one I look forward to pursuing in the coming future.